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The reason we wanted to create a brand that focused on Hemp Seed Oil infused products is because of its sustainability, and natural benefits.

Now, you may not know this, but not only is Hemp a sustainable crop that can be used to produce a vast array of biodegradable materials, it is also basically a weed, (pun intended, without the THC). This may sound strange, but it’s one of the reasons that makes it so sustainable. Hemp plants grow abundantly with little water and no pesticides (hooray!), which we all know is a positive on both the environment and on our skin.

The industrial Hemp plant takes up relatively little space in the environment for the yield it produces per acre, when compared to trees. This means that we can have a greater output, but with a smaller footprint. It has also been proven to absorb more Carbon Dioxide which helps with Global Warming.

If you want to learn more about how growing Hemp is reducing Carbon Dioxide, then read more here!

With the ever growing concerns around Global Warming and waste efficiency, it is more important than ever to focus on sustainable planting of crops such as Hemp, alongside the sustainable production of natural products across the globe.

This is why we began our company.

We wanted to produce products that were good for the planet, as well as good for you.

Our focus is on using natural and vegan-friendly ingredients in all of our products for many reasons:


  • Natural & vegan-friendly products are more environmentally friendly
  • Natural & vegan-friendly ingredients are better for your skin and health
  • We only use what nature has given us, rather than chemically enhanced or synthetic products that are no good for people or the planet
  • Our packaging is recyclable, so it does not end up in landfill
  • We refuse to be cruel to animals, which is why we test all of our products on humans that love their skin, and who have both a voice and the right to choose to test our products
  • We refuse to use harmful or questionable ingredients that are bad for you
  • Our products are full of nutrients that will help nourish your skin and your hair, leaving you feeling so much more confident and happier in your own skin
  • Because we love this planet and we want to leave it a better place than we found it


We need to work together as a community to achieve an even greater and more sustainable future. But this change towards sustainability has to start with the product producers, like us. We need to lead the way and set the example that it is not money that drives the future, but the health of our planet and everyone on it.

That’s why we are taking action - by creating a skincare range that is sustainable, and good for people AND the planet. It is why we pride ourselves on continuing to educate ourselves and our customers on why natural is better, alongside making technological improvements for further sustainability in production.

And we will continue to focus on the future.

There is so much research going on behind the scenes around Hemp and Cannabis plants and their benefits. And, it has been indicated that these crops will play a pivotal role in the future of many industries. However because of the misinformation and lack of education so far around these types of plants, people have tended to steer clear of them regardless of the benefits they hold.

This is why we believe in the importance of education, in not only what these plants do, but how they will benefit the planet and the products produced across the world in the future. We are here to bring a mindset shift around the purchasing behaviours of consumers, and it is because of this, that we have made it our mission is to educate, inspire and redefine what it means to live green through utilising our natural resources in a sustainable way.

The Hemp industry is going from strength to strength right now, and we at Hemp Co Australia are both excited and proud to be part of this change-making movement!

*Watch this space as it is continuously updated with information and research on the natural benefits of Hemp Plants and the importance of sustainability in production in our skin care and beard care. **


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