Heal Your Skin, Naturally!

Embrace the absolute repairing power of all-natural Hemp Seed Oil. Bring back the happy, whole, confident you.


You've probably figured out that we're all about hemp.

This wonder plant does miraculous things do dry, oily, blemished, sore, itchy, dull, and aging skin.

The oil we use comes stratight from the hemp seed and is as pure as it could possibly be. Because it comes from the seed and not the plant itself, there are only miniscule traces of THC (less than 0.03%). Hemp seed oil is a great source of omega 6, a vital ingredient in great skin care. It moisturizes, nourihes, and balances without ever feeling 'oily'. Hemp seed oil also helps to prevent blemishes and breakouts, as well as soothing inflammation.


We knew we needed to create a range that would benefit ever body and every face, everyday.

We enlisted the help of a very clear chemist because we knew our products needed to be backed by science.

Ther result?

The entire range of Hemp Co Skin and Beard products. Hemp seed oil, the hero product, is completely vegan and toxin free.

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